Gli Anni Belli

This Italian coming of age satirically recounts 1994 as the founding year of the toxic Berlusconism in the microcosm of a campground.

100min | Italy,Portugal,Serbia | Comedy

Summer 1994: A new government has just come to power, Elena is seventeen years old, she loves Nirvana and can't wait to see the new government fall.On the horizon looms the annual camping vacation with her parents, but this one will be different from all the others, amid revolutions, heartbreak cured with a giant ice cream, bonfires on the beach, revelations, and gargoyles.Against the backdrop of an Italy that doesn't know it's changing, Elena will live the most exciting summer ever."A first attempt that astounds and revives hope for an Italian cinema capable of narrating reality and its past with a touch of disillusionment and irony." (Asbury Films)

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