One-way to Moscow

Switzerland at the end of the 80s: The dutiful policeman Viktor Schuler infiltrates Zurich's left-wing theater scene to monitor a subversive ensemble.

98min | Germany | Comedy

Disguised as an extra named Walo, Viktor wins the trust of the theater group and even gets a speaking role for the performance of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". ONE-WAY TO MOSCOW is based on the so-called "Fichenskandal". (French: "fiche" file), which shook the Swiss Confederation in 1989. Police authorities had secretly created over 900,000 files on leftists and unionists. Director and screenwriter Micha Lewinsky was himself on the surveillance list as a teenager. "Intelligent fusion of comedy, historical film, romance and theatrical satire with a top-class ensemble and imaginative set." (Filmdienst)

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