Somewhere Over the Chemtrails

This compelling debut examines the mechanisms of racism and exclusion in the microcosm of a village with a deeply humanist worldview.

85min | Czech Republic | Comedy, Drama

Clumsy Standa and recently widower Bronya are volunteer firefighters in a small village where there are seldomly fires. Things begin to change when a van crashes into a crowd of people during the Easter Fair. Before anyone notices, the driver runs away from the car crash.People believe it is a terrorist attack and the festive mood is replaced by an atmosphere of fear, hatred, and misinformation. Bronya, who is convinced of terrorism, is trying to do something to improve the situation. The sense of danger pumps new blood into his veins, and the fire brigade becomes a militia.The plot of Adam Rybanský's feature film debut was inspired by the attacks of a Czech right-wing terrorist, who wanted to stir up hatred against migrants with two attacks on railroads and fake letters of confession.

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